Apple sets up an approved experience center called iCenter in Douala

(Agence Ecofin) – According to Danielle Biyoga, representative of the Californian tech giant, the choice of Cameroon for the opening of iCenter is due to “its proximity to Nigeria and its bilingualism. Cameroon is a test market for Apple’s implementation in Central Africa. Other countries (DRC, Gabon) will follow”. On August 12, 2022, Apple launched … Read more

Man who stabbed Salman Rushdie praised by conservative press

In the very conservative Quranic theocracy of Iran, Salman Rushdie’s “Satanic Verses” earned its author a 30-year-old fatwa. So when the British writer was stabbed in the United States on Friday, the atmosphere was not one of condemnation in the mainstream media. “Congratulations to this courageous and conscious man who attacked the apostate and the … Read more

The new Apple gift cards are available at resellers

At the end of June, Apple finally marketed its Apple Gift Cards in France and Switzerland, gift cards valid both in its dematerialized content stores and for purchases of equipment in the Apple Store. Until then, Apple gift cards were limited to digital apps and services. Since this launch, Apple Gift Cards have joined the … Read more

How to transfer from Apple Music to Spotify?

This article introduces the easiest ways to export your Apple Music playlist to Spotify, and how to transfer your albums and artists to Spotify as well. If you just want to transfer your Apple Music playlists to Spotify, a good solution is TuneMyMusic site. Since it’s a website, you don’t have to install any apps … Read more

A plate in… Naples (5/7): trompe-l’oeil cuisine

“Mangia foglie. » Leaf eaters. As incredible as it may seem, this is how the Neapolitans were nicknamed, who nevertheless invented two (non-vegetable) emblems of Italian gastronomy – pasta and pizza – in the whole world. A qualifier dating from the Middle Ages when the people were reduced to consuming what grew easily around them, … Read more