Audio: Apple is considering better management of speaker groups

Apple is working on a new HomePods grouping system in the Home app. 9to5Mac reveals that lines of code from the first beta of iOS 16.1 mention the creation of permanent speaker groups, which would allow to go further than the simple stereo pair currently available.

To use three HomePods at the same time, you must currently group several accessories via the AirPlay menu. A solution that is not very practical given that the group is only temporary: it is necessary to recreate one after a certain time.

According to the code unearthed by 9to5Mac, Apple would plan to remove this limitation by allowing the creation of permanent groups of speakers. The novelty would go through the Home application, and a group could be set as the default audio output for the Apple TV.

In particular, it is mandatory that the speakers in a group all use the same language for Siri, otherwise they cannot be linked. If this is not the case, the OS will ask the user to change Siri’s language to create their new group. Unfortunately, the lines were removed in the second beta of iOS 16.1: the function should therefore not arrive immediately.


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