Audiences: The “7th company” keeps its faithful, good score for Lagache on Fr2, failure for Wespiser on C8

The last evening of June saw TF1 take the lead in prime time audiences with a classic of French comedy, “On a retour la 7e compagnie” by and with Robert Lamoureux and Henri Guibet, which entertained 4.56 million fans of the franchise, i.e. 24.2% of the public and 25.9% of women purchasing managers under fifty (FRDA-50) according to Médiamétrie. Last Thursday, the feature film “But where is the 7th company?” had drained 4.32 million viewers (23.0% of 4+ and 19.8% of FRDA-50).

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France 3 is behind with episodes in rebroadcast of the series “The trainee” with Michèle Bernier and Antoine Hamel. The first two episodes of the evening – out of the five broadcast in a row – were watched by 3.17 million people on average, for a market share of 16.8% (6.0% of FRDA-50) . This same series had attracted 2.84 million pairs of eyes last week (15.0% of 4 years and over).

France 2 is third with the broadcast of a new documentary “A president, Europe and war”. This immersion in the heart of the European presidency of Emmanuel Macron, followed for several months by Guy Lagache, kept 2.21 million curious people spellbound, which represents a market share of 12.2% (10.2% on the FRDA-50).

“The best pastry chef” down on M6

On M6, the second episode of season 5 of “Best pastry chef: The professionals”, presented by Marie Portolano and co-produced by BBC Studios and Kitchen Factory, made 1.44 million lovers of culinary entertainment salivate, for shares of audience of 8.6% on the general public and 18.6% on the FRDA-50. A week ago, the return of the program had aroused the interest of 1.59 million gourmands (9.5% of the public and 18.8% of the FRDA-50).

In the rest of the prime time offer, on France 5, the documentary “Tenochtitlan, capital of the Aztec empire” caused 647,000 people to escape and 3.4% of people aged 4 and over (1.9% of FRDA-50).

On TMC, the sequel to the unpublished American series “Yellowstone”, with Kevin Costner, fascinated 569,000 seriphiles watching the first two episodes of the evening – out of the three offered in a row – for a market share of 3.1% ( 3.4% on FRDA-50). Finally, on C8, the new entertainment “Viens on s’aime” presented by Delphine Wespiser attracted on average only 250,000 romantic souls, or 1.3% of the public and 2.6% of FRDA-50, which makes C8 one of the least followed channels in prime time last night just ahead of 6ter.

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