Audiences: Bad return for “Good Doctor”, the final of the “Traitors” 3rd, flop for Hélène Mannarino on TMC

Wednesday evening in prime time, France 2 imposed itself at the top of the hearings with an unpublished unit, “Everybody lies”, with Vincent Elbaz. An offer which convinced, according to Médiamétrie, 3.89 million people. The market share is 19.5% (6.2% on the FRDA-50).

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The finale of “Traitors” stronger than “Good Doctor” on the commercial target

“Good Doctor” is second for its return to TF1. The launch of season 5 of the American series with Freddie Highmore attracted an average of 2.73 million French people, or 14.0% of the public and 20.2% of women responsible for purchasing under the age of fifty (FRDA- 50). On August 25, 2021, the start of Season 4 had been watched by 3.90 million viewers (19.2% of the public and 33.0% of the FRDA-50).

M6 is on the last step of the podium with the grand finale of its entertainment “Les traitors”, presented by Eric Antoine. On average, 1.85 million fans (10.3% of 4+ and 27.9% of FRDA-50, target on which the channel is the leader) followed the last two parts, marked by a double victory. A week ago, this novelty had aroused the enthusiasm of 2.06 million people (12.9% of the public and 30.9% of the FRDA-50). The channel is already planning a season 2.

On France 3, an episode of Cyril Féraud’s game “La carte aux trésors”, produced by 99% media, caused 1.76 million fans to escape, for a market share of 9.6% (4, 8% on FRDA-50). Last week, this entertainment could count on 1.38 million fans (8.7% of the public and 4.6% of the FRDA-50).

“Mongeville” to the million on C8

As for the other channels, on C8, after its hit last week, a rebroadcast episode of the French series “Mongeville” with Francis Perrin held 1.09 million aficionados in suspense, for a market share of 6 .0%.

And on TMC, a new number of “Rétroscopie”, presented by Hélène Mannarino with Franck Dubosc, interested 247,000 people (1.3% of 4+ and 2.4% of FRDA-50). On December 16, 2020, the inaugural issue with Jean-Paul Rouve brought together 926,000 people (4.0% of 4+ / 7.9% of FRDA-50).

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