Audiences 8 p.m.: Anne-Sophie Lapix keeps smiling on France 2 with 400,000 more viewers than Gilles Bouleau on TF1 – “C à vous- La suite” powerful close to a million on France 5

Last night at 8 p.m. on TF1, Gilles Bouleau was at the presentation of a new edition of the JT. On France 2, the edition was provided by Anne-Sophie Lapix. On France 3, viewers could follow an episode of “Plus belle la vie”, while M6 broadcast “Household scenes”.

On France 5, like last season, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine offers an extended “C to you” until prime-time. On C8, Cyril Hanouna and his band continue to host the prime-time access channel of the Canal Plus group. On TMC, Yann Barthès talks about the news of the day with his journalists, guests and reports to shed light on the world around us.

The 8 p.m. news – Anne-Sophie Lapix
23.7% of PDA


The 8 p.m. news – Gilles Bouleau
21.4% of PDA


4% PDA


More beautiful life
10.6% of PDA


Daily – 2nd part
7.5% of PDA


TPMP – 2nd part
6.7% of PDA


It’s up to you, the rest
4.3% of PDA


As an aside
0.5% PDA


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