at 79, the singer has just made an unexpected statement about the rest of his career!

Serge Lama’s fans are thrilled. A few months after the release of his book “My life, my greatest songs illustrated by my favorite painters”, in which he notably discusses his love story with his half Luana Santonino, the interpreter of the title “I am sick” announced another good news. ” My dear friends “Wrote the artist on his Instagram account before adding:” I am happy to announce that my next album has just gone into production. I can’t wait to be able to present it to you at the start of the school year… “A project that is likely to delight his loyal admirers.

“All my heart, all my soul, all my love”

The 79-year-old singer then goes on to give more information on this now long-awaited disc: ” This is an album for which I gave everything. I put all my heart, all my soul, all my love into it; under the musical guidance of Jean-Claude Petit, the arranger who in the past sublimated my red disc ‘I am sick’. It will be up to you to choose your titles, but the one I will offer you first will announce the color of the album. Having given everything, I am very proud of it. “And to conclude:” Until then, I wish you a very beautiful summer off the tears… »

If this 23rd studio album is excellent news for the singer’s fans, he did not fail to shock music lovers by expressing his wish to retire permanently from the music scene. He explained, in an interview with RTL last October, wanting to take care of his state of health. ” At my age, it’s reasonable to retire from business because I did what I had to do in my life and I would like to enjoy my family a little. Take advantage of this young love I have with a young woman. On stage, I’m not as ‘secure’ as I used to be. I have only walked on one leg for 55 years. It’s dangerous and it’s moral to know when to stop in time. You must not want to go higher than your destiny allows you. The best I can do is maybe celebrate my 80th birthday in Paris in a year and a half. But do you realize? A year and a half ! “A very sad announcement…


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