artists faced with sad news

Some end the week in style. Others will have a little more trouble. At a time when meetings with fans are resuming and concerts are in full swing, thanks in particular to the great return of festivals all over France, some French-speaking artists are struggling. This is particularly the case of Louane, his companion and father of his daughter Esmée, Florian Rossi, but also Clara Luciani, Kendji or even Slimane.

All spoke in their Instagram story (see slideshow) to pay tribute to Gilbert Lederman, pillar of the Universal Music Belgium house as head of the French-speaking department. His job was to identify new artists and promote them. A kind of second dad that everyone regrets: “A moved thought for your loved ones Gilbert, you the man in the shadows who allowed us to be in the light in a country you loved so much. You represented the hearts of Belgians so well… We will miss you“, wrote Slimane. The father of little Esmeralda knows Belgium particularly well since he held the position of coach in the Belgian version of The Voice.

Clara Luciani is also very affected by this disappearance. The interpreter of The grenade shared a photo of himself along with a very moving message: “Goodbye Gilbert. We are all thinking of you, your family and your family at heart, Universal Belgium.“Same sadness on the side of…

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