Artisanal pizzas in vending machine

Just a year ago, Di Lorenzo Pizza from Saint-Chaptes set up a vending machine for artisanal pizzas in the Zac du Petit verger, in La Calmette.

“We have been in Saint-Chaptes for eighteen years and for the past year we have installed this pizza distributor on La Calmette where there is a lot of traffic.explains Christelle Emard. When we come early in the morning to feed it, we notice that our customers are often health professionals or services that work at night such as firefighters or gendarmes.” The pizzas are assembled in the premises of Di Lorenzo Pizza, in Saint-Chaptes, then transported raw to the distributor. “They cook on the spot thanks to the two ovens inside the dispenser, in three minutes”specifies Christelle Emard.

Di Lorenzo Pizza and the Ravel’Prod Festival have teamed up to win you two pizzas and two tickets for Joyce Jonathan’s concert which will take place at La Calmette on Saturday August 13th.

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