Arlequin marathon, pizza with 834 cheeses… The new French records for Guinness 2023

48 French people join the 2023 edition of the Guinness World Records for having broken sporting records, but also totally unusual ones.

38,991 applications and 4,964 records validated. The Guinness World Records is back with the publication this Wednesday of the 2023 edition, which brings together the new records, both sporting and totally unusual, validated during the year.

The exploits of 48 French people have integrated this new edition, according to Huffpost. Among those who make the list is first Karim Benzema and his goals in the Champions League.

The French Real Madrid striker now shares the record already attributed to Lionel Messi for the most consecutive Champions League seasons in which the player has scored at least one goal. This figure stands at 17, with a first goal in 2005.

Sports records

Another sports record, this time in figure skating. The duo Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron obtained the highest scores in competition during the world championships in Montpellier which took place last March, ie 137.09 in the free program and 92.73 in the rhythmic dance.

Handisport cyclist Dorian Foulon broke the world record for the individual pursuit in 4’18”274 during the Paralympic Games last summer.

Halfway between a sporting challenge and an unusual record, Gilles Dufosse broke the world record for the marathon disguised as a Harlequin. A feat achieved on October 3, 2021, when he crossed the finish line of the Virgin Money Marathon in London in 3:56.

834 cheeses on a 30.5cm pizza crust

Diametrically opposed record, but record all the same, three French people have won the record for the number of cheeses added to a pizza. Chef Julien Seri, Youtuber Morgan VS and artisan cheesemaker François Robin filled the dough with no less than 834 different cheeses. All on a pizza just 30.5cm in diameter.

1304: this is the number of Studio Ghibli objects owned by Eloïse Von Velvet. A passion for this universe to which she has dedicated an entire room in her apartment which allows her to win the record for the largest collection of objects related to this studio.

Finally, it was at an altitude of over 4000m that Rémi Ouvrard set a personal and world record. The balloon pilot managed to fly at this altitude with the aircraft, but by positioning himself upright on the balloon. In 2020, it had only reached 1217m in altitude.

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