Apple’s Mr Finances (Luca Maestri) sells $16.9 million in shares

Apple executives are not too much to complain about financially, this is obviously the case of Luca Maestri the CFO (chief financial officer) of the company, the man responsible for the smooth financial running of the company.

As required by the American regulatory body (SEC), we learn this morning that the man has sold for 16.9 million shares of Apple last Wednesday. This sale took place in two stages : 66,390 shares, sold at $174.66, and 30,345 others at $175.60 each, or 96,735 and 16.9 million dollars in all.

Rest assured, Maestri still owns a good amount of shares in the company, 110,673 in all, a potential portfolio of nearly $19 million. However, this sale does not turn out to be a good indicator of the company’s health: frames sell only with a deadline sometimes 1 or 2 years in advance, in order to rule out any possibility of a preventive transaction before a decline in results, for example. This sales plan was, for example, decided at the end of 2020 and modified in February 2021.

We can all the same imagine that Maestri has a certain vision of the products to come over 1 to 2 years, and this sale just before the keynote of a device which does not really seem to thrill the crowds this year, is perhaps not not insignificant either… who knows!

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