Apple’s handling of harassment cases criticized by employees

Apple’s human resources (HR) department isn’t always up to speed in handling internal cases of harassment or sexual assault, says the FinancialTimes who conducted a survey in the United States.

The newspaper reports the case of Megan Mohr, abused by a colleague at a party, who did not find support from human resources after her report. Other victims of aggression or harassment reproach Apple for its apathy in this kind of business. Of fifteen victims interviewed by the Financial Times, eight said they had suffered reprisals after reporting their assault, and seven felt that HR was disappointing or even counterproductive.

In its response to the newspaper, the company assured that it was working to put in place “an environment in which employees feel comfortable reporting any concerns”. She nevertheless acknowledged that there had been shortcomings in the management of certain cases. “Some cases raised do not reflect our intentions or our policy. We should have treated them differently. […] We will be making changes to our training and procedures.”said Apple.


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