Apple’s AR / VR headset would come with gloves to detect your finger gestures

Rumors have been talking about it for several years, Apple is about to enter the virtual reality headset market. The small particularity of this project is that compared to the majority of competitors, the Apple headset will also offer an augmented reality experience. According to the Patently Apple media, the Cupertino company could deliver its AR / VR headset with gloves to make it easier to understand the movements of your fingers!

Essential gloves for interaction with Apple’s AR / VR headset?

The more time passes, the more valuable information we get about Apple’s future headset that will mix augmented and virtual reality. According to a report based on a recent patent filed by Apple, the headphones could offer several types of interactions between the user and the system. We are talking about a cursor that moves like on a computer, scrolling a page, selecting and even opening a document.

Contact with the skin of your hand may be necessary for certain activities when the helmet is on your head. The report explains:

Apple’s invention covers devices and methods for detecting contact between a first body part and a second body part. The sensing circuitry may be configured to sense a signal at the sensing electrode (eg, configured to contact the second body part) in response to a control signal applied to the control electrode ( for example, configured to contact the first part of the body).

apple ar vr headset

Beyond the gloves that would be delivered in the packaging, Apple also mentions other processes for detecting the gestures of your fingers and your hand.
The patent mentions:

  • Detection via two special watches which would be of a similar design to the Apple Watch. One would take care of detecting the gestures produced by your hand and the other would aim to transmit the result of the detection to the headset with a very short latency time.
  • Detection via a gadget that looks like a ringhowever the detection here would be quite limited, according to the report the ring could be used for activities such as phone calls, opening an application…

This patent filed in the USPTO register shows how open Apple is to different methods for interaction with his AR/VR headset. We quickly understand that the engineers went through several paths in order to select the best detection technique.
For the moment, it is impossible to know if Apple has chosen the gloves, the ring or the two watches which communicate with each other and then transmit the data to the helmet.


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