Apple would prepare a Watch Pro with a new design… maybe too big for you

Three smartwatch models are expected to be introduced this year, and the new high-end case could be bigger, much bigger, with better battery life and a body temperature sensor.

Last week, Apple published a study that was all about a short manifesto, in which it recalled the efforts it has made for eight years to help its users take care of their health. Unsurprisingly, it emerged that the Watch was at the heart of this strategy.

Three models of Watch

However, this year, next fall, Apple could well introduce one of the most important revisions that its connected watch will have known since its announcement in September 2014. According to Mark Gurman, the Cupertino giant should introduce three models of Watch . A new Watch SE to replace the definitively abandoned Series 3 – and incompatible with watchOS 9. It will be placed at the entry level, but it is not yet known whether it will keep the current price of 299 euros. In a difficult and inflationary context, it is difficult to know what decision will be taken by the Californian giant. Today, the Series 3 is sold from 219 euros.

A Watch Pro, at the top of the range

A new Series 8 should be presented, there to take over from the Series 7 introduced last year. It remains to be seen whether the entry price of 429 euros will be maintained. Finally, would come a Watch Pro, according to the name reserved for it by the journalist of Bloombergwhich would be the most interesting and innovative model.

It would first present a larger screen, 7% wider, carried by a “new look”, says Mark Gurman. This significant increase in the display could require a case much larger than that of the current Watch. To the point that the Bloomberg journalist announces that this Watch Pro “which could be much bigger than the standard Apple Watch” could be enough “so that it only attracts a fraction of users”. Does this mean that you will have to have a lumberjack’s wrist to wear it? Hard to say. Until now, the Watch has enlarged its case by small jump 38/42 mm, then 40/44 mm and finally 41/45 mm. Throughout this growth phase, the screen has gradually trimmed the edges, providing more room for the display without necessarily making the case of the connected watch much bigger.

A new design in the form of evolution

The Watch Pro would therefore be entitled to the first overhaul of the design of the Watch since the Series 4. It would be “an evolution of the current rectangular shape, and not circular”advances the journalist of Bloomberg. At the time for those who have always dreamed of seeing Apple offer a round case – it will be necessary to turn to the Pixel Watch, from Google, for those who absolutely want to wear a circular and minimalist watch.
If his information from Mark Gurman is correct, the Watch Pro should also not adopt flat and very vertical slices, which would give it a more assertive and parallelepiped appearance. This design had been the subject of many rumors last year. But Apple apparently had to abandon it due to production issues. So it wouldn’t be for this time either.

Mark Gurman also announces that, to ensure its resistance, the Watch Pro could use a reinforced titanium case. A finish that is already available on the Apple Watch Series 7, from 829 euros.

It would therefore be, a priori, the Watch Pro that Apple would intend for extreme athletes, for those who need a larger screen to have more information in view during their exercises, a case more resistant to shocks and also greater autonomy. Because, according to Mark Gurman’s sources, this Watch Pro would also be entitled to improved autonomy, “maybe several days on a single charge thanks to the new low-power mode”he wrote.

Finally, Apple would have finally succeeded in integrating a body temperature sensor whose precision and results would satisfy it. The blood glucose sensor would not yet be part of the game, the latest leaks indicated that the teams of the American giant were not satisfied with the results and the reliability obtained.

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