Apple would have asked LG and Samsung to design the screen of its future foldable iPhone

The foldable smartphone market has several players, including Samsung of course. But Apple cannot remain indefinitely away from a sector which will one day end up imposing itself on the general public.

Samsung created the foldable smartphone market with the Galaxy Z Fold ranges, then with the Z Flip in clamshell format. The latest generation unveiled this summer confirms the maturity of the manufacturer’s work. All that remains is to lower the prices to interest the general public…

Hybrid OLED display

Opposite, at Apple, we still trust the same format which has not changed much since 2007 and the very first iPhone model. The group can stay in its line for several more years, by multiplying the iterations of its smartphone with more powerful components and a better camera. But rumors have also announced, for several years, that Apple is not indifferent to foldable smartphones.

There is even talk of “iPhone Fold” which, once opened, could simply become an iPad. A bit like the Galaxy Z Fold… But Apple being a perfectionist, the company seeks by all means to avoid cracks on the fold of the screen, according to the site The Electric. This is why the manufacturer would have asked its suppliers LG and Samsung to develop hybrid OLED panels.

A classic OLED panel uses a substrate that is generally rigid. The flexible models rest on a plastic substrate, which is more flexible. The hybrid panel that Apple is looking for would combine plastic and glass. It is up to the subcontractors to manage this problem! They would also be hard at work, with a substrate with a thickness of 2 mm instead of 5 mm on the screens of traditional foldables.

We are still far from a production launch for a device intended for general public users. Unlike Samsung, which knows that its Galaxy Fold and Flip will sell a few tens of millions of units, Apple is aiming much bigger. This is why the manufacturing process requires so much time: no question of making a mistake!

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