Apple would control a powerful American lobbying in the field of apps

Even if it is one of the tech firms spending the least in the middle of lobbying, Apple is no less outdone. Indeed, it acknowledges providing more than half of the financing of ACT, an association which declared a budget of 9 million dollars for the year 2020. Note that the latter still aims to defend the rights of 5,000 developers. and corporations around the world, including lobbying through the widespread and powerful US system of lobbying.

But Apple’s actual stake could be much higher. This is indeed what four former employees told Bloomberg. The donations from the Californian firm would have enabled it, even if it was not part of the association, to control its political positions and orient statements that were largely favorable.

So with the conflict between Epic and Apple, the ATC was talked about in the press supporting Apple and saying it didn’t have a monopoly. For her, the App Store benefited developers and sideloading prevention was good for blocking harmful software . At the time, this did not fail to react Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, who described the association as fake small application developers in the pay of Apple. In response, the ACT says it is not influenced by Apple grants and that its decisions are based on the opinions of its members.

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