Apple would consider changing its commercial strategy for all its future iPhones

Highly anticipated, the iPhone 14 Series are being revealed very gradually and should bring their share of surprises. If we are still at the rumor stage, there is indeed every reason to believe that Apple is planning quite a few major changes, both in the design of its future iPhones and in their marketing strategy.

The new A16 chips reserved for Pro models

If in recent years all models of a generation of iPhones shared a common chip, it is very likely that this is not the case for the future iPhone 14 Series. In any case, this is what reports Ming-Chi Kuo, a famous analyst specializing in Apple, whose revelations are very popular.

If we are to believe the latter, the apple brand is planning to integrate its new A16 Bionic chip only in next generation Pro models: iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. The other two models in the series, the iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 Max, for their part, should be satisfied with the same chip as the iPhone 13; the A15 Bionic.

Boost sales of Pro models

Such a measure would have the natural consequence of highlighting the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models in particular; these benefiting from a more powerful technical sheet.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, the objective of this decision would be, above all, commercial. By reserving its latest generation of chips for the most advanced models in the range, the American manufacturer would indeed be counting on greater sales of the latter.

Based on various scenarios, the Cupertino company hopes to be able to get most of its loyal consumers to agree to an additional expense of a few hundred euros in order to afford the more powerful and more resistant models of its high-end smartphones. range.

Concretely, Apple targets up to 60% of iPhone 14 sales for Pro models thanks to this new segmentation.

And not just for the iPhone 14…

In all likelihood, the American giant should perpetuate this strategy and extend it to all its future productions. This implies in particular a “limitation” of the configuration of the next iPhone SE which should therefore not benefit from future new chips.

Beyond this rumor concerning their chip, little information is filtering on the next iPhone 14, the official release of which is, it should be remembered, expected as early as September 2022.

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