Apple will unveil its new iPhone in a keynote on September 7

A new model of iPhone for the start of the school year. Apple announced on Wednesday the date of its next keynote, its conference to present its new products, set for September 7.

The conference is eagerly awaited by fans of the brand because it will allow, in particular, to discover the new model of the Apple brand’s flagship phone, the iPhone 14, as well as all its other versions.

According to Bloomberg, which had already mentioned the date of September 7 eight days ago, Apple should present new Macs, new versions of iPads and several models of Apple Watches this fall.

Better performing iPhones Pro

The site estimates that the new iPhone model, the iPhone 14, and its variants, should go on sale in mid-September, about ten days after the product presentation keynote.

The iPhone 14 should look like the iPhone 13, and will get a slightly larger version, with a 6.7-inch screen. The iPhone mini, with a 5.4-inch screen, should not, however, be renewed for the iPhone 14.

The Pro version of the iPhone will see a lot of changes, with a faster processor and new equipment for the Face ID functionality, which is used to recognize the face of its user. This iPhone’s camera will also be more capable, as will the battery and the ability to shoot video, according to Bloomberg.

In September, Apple is also expected to introduce the iOS 16 operating system for its next iPhones, as well as watchOS 9, the operating system for its Apple Watches. The other new versions of software, dedicated to Macs and iPads, should arrive for their part in October.

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