Apple will launch its Back to School 2022 this Friday, but will no longer offer AirPods

This Friday will mark the launch of Apple’s Back to School 2022 offer according to Mark Gurman from Bloomberg. This will concern a few countries and not all of them. Changes are also to be expected.

Apple’s illustration for the 2021 edition

As a reminder, the Back to School is a program aimed at students and teachers so that the purchase of a product is accompanied by a gift, enough to be ready for the start of the school year. In previous years, Apple gave away a pair of AirPods with the purchase of a Mac or iPad. But this year, Apple would no longer offer its wireless headphones, offering instead a gift card whose amount is not disclosed.

We’ll probably have to wait until Friday to find out all the details, unless there’s another leak by then. Note in passing that this Friday will also mark the availability of the 13-inch MacBook Pro with the M2 chip.

Apple will offer its Back to School 2022 in the United States and in a few countries this Friday. But based on previous years, France and the rest of Europe will have to wait until July to take advantage of this program. The gift offered should be the same, regardless of the country.

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