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Apple will extend the satellite function of the iPhone 14 to other countries!

The Apple brand announces that it will extend its satellite option of the iPhone 14 to many countries! We give you more details.

A deployment over several stages? Apple announces that it wants to extend its satellite function to other countries! MCE TV gives you more details.

The satellite function of the iPhone 14

On September 7, the Apple brand presented its new back-to-school keynote. This time, the apple brand has decided to focus on security.

Among the functions revealed, we discovered the Satellite option. This can be used whenever the iPhone user is out of range a WiFi or cellular connection.

This will allow you to send a short text message in case of problems. Indeed, this option remains an emergency feature only.

According to the brand Apple, in just 15 seconds, the person in danger will be able to make their position known to the emergency services. These latter may find the victim more easily.

The American company also gave some details on how this novelty works. She explains that the Satellite option can be used in open spaces. With a clear line of sight to the sky.

The brand clarified that there could be some fluctuations in the presence of trees or vegetation. But also in case of the presence of buildings in the vicinity.

For now, this new option will be available on iPhone 14. But it is not extended to all countries. It is not accessible only in the United States and Canada for the moment. However, that may well change.

Apple will extend the satellite function of the iPhone 14 to other countries!

Soon available in France?

Recently, the Apple brand has therefore announced that it intends to extend its new Satellite function to other countries. For now, this is only available in Canada and the United States.

The American company explained that it was going to deploy its option in several stages. But she hopes to start before the end of 2022. Without giving exact dates.

According to the MacPrime website, the Californian company has already started work to expand its new flagship function. But that may take time.

As usual, Apple always starts by deploying its new options in the United States. It then spread to the rest of North America. This is therefore the case with Canada where the option is already available.

The firm then attacks Japan and Western Europe. France and Belgium are often among the first countries to benefit from the novelties of Apple. Indeed, they are often in the 2nd or 3rd wave of deployment of the brand’s new services.

Depending on how the new option works, we imagine that Apple will not target regions that are likely to cause problems. Notably those where there are inconvenient obstacles. So not the regions where there are mountains and vegetation for example.

For the moment, the brand has not yet given details on the future deployment of its Satellite option. We will therefore have to wait for an official communication from Apple. to understand what awaits us.

In the meantime, iPhone users have been entitled to a new system update. Indeed, iOS 16 landed this Monday, September 12 on Apple smartphones.

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