Apple will display ads in its Maps application from 2023

Apple’s Maps app on iPhone, iPad and Mac will start showing ads in 2023, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. The group is currently preparing the ground.

Advertisements in Apple’s Maps application would not be banners such as can be seen on websites and applications. This would be sponsored research. For example, a fast-food chain could pay Apple to have its name and the address of its restaurants highlighted when users search for “Burgers”. Other apps behave similarly, such as Google Maps and Waze.

iPhone and iPad users are already familiar with this principle with the App Store and sponsored search results. Developers can have their apps featured with certain keywords. Moreover, Apple has already announced that the App Store will display more advertisements, with advertisements on the home page (which is called Today) and on the pages of the applications, at the level of a certain section.

A short time ago, Gurman announced that Apple intended to generate more and more money by displaying advertisements in several applications on the iPhone. It was particularly a question of Podcasts, Apple TV +, Books and therefore Plans. Currently, the manufacturer generates around $4 billion a year from sponsored searches on the App Store. Todd Teresi, the vice president of advertising platforms, wants it to go into double digits (at least 10 billion therefore).

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