Apple Watch Ultra will work with Tilt Pebbles and MagSafe Duo

After the presentation of the Apple Watch Ultra, there was some vagueness surrounding the watch’s compatibility with market chargers, including Apple’s MagSafe Duo.

A necessary repositioning

Indeed, the tocante is wider, heavier and may not sit well on these models, whose inclination is sometimes high. Apple confirms the compatibility of these products, but specifies that it will sometimes be necessary to adjust the position :

If you’re using the Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock or Apple MagSafe Duo Charger with a larger Apple Watch model (44mm, 45mm, or 49mm), you may need to adjust the position of the charger. Adjust the charger to a different angle or lay it completely flat to make sure its magnets line up with the magnets on your watch. If you have an Apple Watch Ultra and it doesn’t reliably connect to these chargers even when they’re flat, try removing the strap from the watch before placing the watch on the charger.

Despite its very high price, the MagSafe Duo remains one of my favorite accessories. It’s compact, ideal for travel, and very convenient for charging the iPhone and Apple Watch at the same time, although it doesn’t support fast-charging watches. But is it really bothersome? Most people use it at night, so it doesn’t really matter. There remains of course the price, which is far too high with regard to the functionalities, but the fact is that it resists time rather well -I took it in 2020, to test it for you when it was released.

Apple Watch Ultra will work with Tilted Pebbles and MagSafe Duo

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