Apple Watch Ultra: the gaps Apple needs to fill

In a few days we will know what the Apple Watch Ultra has in store. In the meantime, Apple has already half succeeded in its bet: the competition feels obliged to position itself in relation to this new model, and the “outdoor” sports communities are watching the Ultra either with interest or rejecting it altogether… In short , like every time Apple enters a market, it leaves no one indifferent.

Garmin responds to the Apple Watch Ultra by attacking autonomy

At €1,000, the Apple Watch Ultra is positioned as a high-end sports watch. It competes with products like Garmin’s Epix 2, sold in a similar price range to Apple’s watch with top-notch sports performance, without compromising battery life or display quality.

The Epix gen range. 2

On this last level, Apple has nothing to envy anyone. We may not like the square design of the Apple Watch, but it is clear that in terms of display and interface, the Apple connected watch is largely at the level (even well beyond) what often less keen competition can offer.


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