Apple Watch Ultra: a much bigger battery of course, but is it enough for athletes?

The Apple Watch Ultra really stands out, not only in its massive design, but also in its autonomy. Apple thus announces 36 hours in normal use, and up to 60 hours with the energy saving mode which will be “soon” available.

Unsurprisingly, this record autonomy for an Apple Watch is largely achieved by a much larger battery. According to a Chinese certification database identified by MySmartPricethe component has a capacity of 542 mAh, compared to the 308 mAh battery of the Series 8. Casually, this represents 76% more capacity for the Ultra.

The documents also confirm that the Series 8 has a battery almost similar to the previous range: 282 mAh for the Series 8 (41 mm), against 284 mAh for the Series 7 of the same size. And the 45mm Series 7 and 8 battery is identical. Regarding the Apple Watch SE, there is no difference between the 1st and 2nd generation either, regardless of size.

If the Apple Watch Ultra benefits from an autonomy never seen in the history of this product, it should be put into perspective. Garmin has taken care to remind you that on some of its connected watches, autonomy is measured in months and not in hours! Athletes are also waiting for the Ultra at the turn.

Apple’s first target customers may have to compromise, as the blog explains the5krunner. He recalls to begin with that the watch lasts up to 12 hours in outdoor training with the GPS activated (and the heart rate monitor too, of course). This drops to 10 hours if we add the 4G connection.

Picture: Apple

The sportsman recalls the promise made by Apple: the Ultra is supposed to be able to hold during an ironman (3.8 km of swimming, 180.2 km of cycling and 42 km of running) without flinching in most athletes. Knowing that the average duration of this torture is 12 hours and 35 minutes, it will be necessary to activate the future energy saving mode to overcome it on a single charge (this is what Apple announces, by the way ). A mode that disables the always-on screen and other functions.

Here are the functions that the economy mode disables.

Here are the functions that the energy saving mode of watchOS 9 disables

In this context and despite the large battery of the Ultra, it is therefore obvious that the ultra-runner Ray Zahab, invited by Apple to develop the new watch, was able to complete his marathon of the Sands in a single charge. This insane event, which takes place every year in the Moroccan Sahara, is 250 km long and lasts… 7 days.

Apple has posted a complete page which describes, in French, the autonomy of the various new models of the Apple Watch.

watchOS 9: how the new mode works

watchOS 9: how the new power saving mode works


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