Apple Watch Series 8: A new leak reveals a remarkable new feature

The Apple Watch Series 8 is expected next September. But, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman in his latest Power On newsletter, not one but two new Apple Watch models may include a body temperature sensor.

Mark Gurman says this feature had been rumored for some time, but its inclusion was far from certain. He says it depends on whether “the ability is accepted in internal testing”. Today, however, he thinks it’s likely: “I now think this feature is ready. It will be part of the Apple Watch Series 8, but not the cheaper second-generation Apple Watch SE, which is also said to be in development. The second watch likely to be capable of this is “a new robust edition aimed at extreme sportsmen”.

Shortly after the announcement of the body temperature sensor, a report pointed to a radically different look for this year’s Apple Watch. For the first time ever, according to analyst and display expert Ross Young, there will be three sizes of Apple Watch.

This does not mean that each model will be offered in three different sizes. On the contrary, a model could arrive with a completely new screen size, i.e. a screen measuring 50mm diagonally. So while the current models are offered in 41mm and 45mm case sizes, and will continue to be, it looks like there will be a 47mm model as well. This represents an increase of about 5% in screen size.

This report was confirmed by another analyst, Jeff Pu, who, as reported by MacRumors, said that in addition to the regular sizes of the Apple Watch, there will be a “premium” model with a larger screen. .

It looks like the much-talked-about rugged Apple Watch will be the model with the new larger screen. A larger screen suggests a revised design, as does sturdiness. When Apple launched the flat-edged iPhone 12, the brand said the new shape helped make the phone more rugged (not to mention the Ceramic Shield on the front). So, could the flat-edged Apple Watch design that appeared to leak last year be that of this more rugged Watch?

If so, we could see, for the first time, Apple launching new watches with a different design language: the Apple Watch Series 8 that matches the style of the current Series 7, alongside the watch sturdy with new look.

There will also be a new Apple Watch SE, which will likely resemble the Series 8, and potentially the first-gen SE will remain in the lineup to become the lowest-priced entry-level choice.

As such, that could mean 2022 will be the biggest change for the Apple Watch in years. For now, back to the new health feature expected on the Series 8 and the rugged model.

This means the Apple Watch will be able to tell you if you have a fever. After the past two years, any form of early warning information about possible disease would be a plus, right?

But it is not a thermometer. “The body temperature measurement feature won’t give you an accurate reading like with a forehead thermometer but it should be able to tell if it thinks you have a fever. She could then recommend that you talk to your doctor or use a dedicated thermometer. »

The current Apple Watch can display heart rate variability (HRV) – the minute variations between one heartbeat and the next – and Covid-19 is thought to cause HRV to drop. It is therefore already possible that the Apple Watch can detect Covid-19 early and accurately, although this is not a feature that Apple has already claimed.

So seeing the Apple Watch go even further in health monitoring is interesting.

Article translated from Forbes US – Author: David Phelan

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