Apple Watch Series 7, Apple Watch SE: Apple connected watches have never been so accessible

With the start of the school year approaching, do you want to equip yourself with a connected watch to accompany you during sport, or do you need to change your aging watch? Don’t panic, Cdiscount has everything you need, including the Apple Watch Series 7 and the Apple Watch SE at very attractive prices.

The Apple Watch Series 7 at the price of 399 euros

The Apple Watch SE at the price of 299 euros

The Apple Watch Series 7 not to be missed on sale

Cdiscount first offers the very complete Apple Watch Series 7 41 mm at only 399 euros. Once connected to your iPhone, the Apple Watch Series 7 and its Retina screen display your messages and call notifications in real time, and you can even make your calls directly from your wrist, without touching your iPhone: quite practical during your running session. The watch is of course compatible with Siri, and it can accompany you during all your sports sessions, including swimming. The integrated GPS allows you to draw up precise reports after your workouts, and the sensors allow you to keep an eye on your heart rate, your number of steps, your VO2Max, your sleep, but also to perform ECGs.

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The Apple Watch SE also displayed at a reduced price

Cdiscount also offers the more affordable Apple Watch SE 44 mm, at just 299 euros. Again, you benefit from a large Retina screen, to clearly display notifications and information. Its reduced price does not prevent it from being waterproof, and it can thus accompany you during your swimming sessions, swimming being only one of the many sports that it allows you to follow. Of course, the Apple Watch SE also tracks your heart rate, gives you a sleep report, and it’s Siri-enabled.

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In addition, Cdiscount offers -20 euros from 299 euros of purchase for all with the code 20EUROS and -30 euros from 299 euros for Cdiscount à Volonte members with the code CDAV30EUROS.

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