Apple Watch Series 7: a version for small wrists and at a low price

News good deal Apple Watch Series 7: a version for small wrists and at a low price

Not everyone has big wrists, and if you’re looking for a capable smartwatch that fits nicely on your arm, then this Apple Watch Series has you covered.

The Apple Watch Series 7 41 mm reduced

It will soon be a year since the Apple Watch 7 was released, and like most Apple products, its price is struggling to come down sharply. It keeps its value well and the advantage of getting one is that it can sell for a good price when you no longer need it.

Buy the Apple Watch Series 7 41mm for €379 on Amazon

If you don’t want to wait for the Series 8 to arrive and want to save a bit, then this Series 7 is here and costs €379 instead of €429 on Amazon.

A small Apple Watch, big performance

Be careful, when you are told small, it is about the wrist circumference which can accommodate smaller arms. So certainly, the screen also decreases slightly, but it has the advantage of being significantly enlarged compared to the previous year. We gain 20% of surface but without increasing the size. It is the edges that are refined.

Apple wants you to use your watch all the time, and decided to strengthen its screen on this seventh version. An additional layer of glass protection allows for increased resistance to drops and impacts.

Charging had not yet evolved since the first edition. It’s finally ancient history and the load is boosted by 33% to be able to put it on its base for a shower and last the rest of the day with it in most cases.

For the rest, it’s an Apple Watch as we know it. It pairs perfectly with the iPhone and can connect sports apps to the iPhone’s Health app for personalized monitoring. You can connect AirPods to it and listen to music without having to carry your iPhone with you when you go for a run.

In a way, not having your smartphone with you all the time and being able to interact with messages and applications directly from the watch allows you to disconnect a little and not be caught up in the big screen.

We do not forget the various health functions such as heart rate control, the electrocardiogram or the calculation of the oxygen level in the blood.

Buy the Apple Watch Series 7 41mm for €379 on Amazon

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