Apple Watch 8: A new patent shows how the temperature sensor would be integrated

The Apple Watch Series 8 is announced to integrate a temperature sensor by several rumors. While there are no further details on how this will be implemented, the new patent for a high-precision sensor that has been awarded to Apple might provide some clues.

  • Apple is working on an advanced temperature detection system
  • The system uses an unconventional design and could provide accurate temperature measurement
  • It is not yet known if this sensor will be integrated on the Apple Watch Series 8

Found by MyHeathyApple, the patent was submitted in 2020 but was only granted to the Cupertino company this week. It details a complex temperature gradient detection system that is quite different from the infrared sensor used on Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5. This approach has notable advantages, including a smaller footprint and accurate measurement of the user’s body temperature throughout the day, which could also be employed on other form factors.

As regards the detection device, it is composed of a temperature sensor and a differential temperature probe. Further, the differential probe is described as having a thin and flexible substrate that could be designed in many shapes. This substrate would have two ends, one being connected to the dedicated temperature sensor and the other being attached to any surface or to the lower glass part of an Apple Watch in direct contact with the skin.

Apple’s patent for a temperature gradient sensor on an Apple Watch / © USPTO

The benefits of a temperature gradient sensor on an Apple Watch

Due to the many limitations of current and conventional temperature sensors, the idea of ​​an advanced system can eliminate several hurdles when it comes to providing accurate temperature readings. Additionally, it will allow manufacturers to reduce the required surface area of ​​the component without sacrificing the accuracy of body temperature measurement. Finally, Apple’s solution is expected to be less prone to outside elements such as ambient temperature changes.

While it’s not yet known if the device will make its way to the Apple Watch Series 8, the technology may be coming to wearables and devices other than smartwatches. It could be used on AirPods by measuring the wearer’s temperature through the inner ear. Finally, it is assumed that Apple’s goal is to extend the usability of its devices, especially smartwatches, which could be the next technological front after smartphones.


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