Apple tweaks WatchOS 8 one last time before the release of WatchOS 9

Apple has deployed, with some discretion, WatchOS 8.7. This is probably the last version of the system before the switch to WatchOS 9, announced in June and expected soon on the Apple Watch Series 8.

The current Apple Watch Series 7 worn on the wrist, for illustration // Source: Arnaud Gelineau – Frandroid

Apple rolled out WatchOS 8.7 last weekend. This sixth version of the system could well be the last before the entry into service of WatchOS 9, announced at the beginning of June, during the last WWDC, and expected this fall on the future Apple Watch 8. In the meantime, this news version of WatchOS 8 wants to do good for your Apple Watch.

In its release notes, Apple talks about “improvements” but also bug fixes and updates related to security. Clearly, no big visible changes, but a final tweaking. As MacRumors points out, WatchOS 8.7 arrives on Apple’s connected tocantes only two months after WatchOS 8.6, which had mainly extended the electrocardiography function to the Mexican market.

How to install WatchOS 8.7?

To install WatchOS 8.7, nothing could be simpler. Just go, as usual, to the Watch application on your iPhone and then go to the General tab > Software update. All that remains is to start the download and then the installation. To do this, however, your watch must have at least 50% autonomy, be placed on its charger and be near your iPhone. The rest of the operation does not involve any particular user intervention.

As a reminder, Apple is preparing its Watch Series 8. This new range should include a brand new model in addition to the Apple Watch Series 8 and the Apple Watch SE 2. This new variant would take the form of a sporty model, reinforced, and therefore designed to resist shocks and scratches. Some sources also suggest that a new, more angular design would be on the menu for certain models. A temperature sensor would also be provided, as well as a low consumption mode to boost autonomy. Final answer expected within a few months.

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