Apple TV+: Trying season 3 and One step at a time are available

This Friday marks the arrival of two new content on Apple TV+, namely season 3 of the series trying and the series one step at a time (Best Foot Forward in English).

trying season 3

After the dramatic end of the second season, the third season of trying of eight episodes begins with Nikki (played by Esther Smith) and Jason (played by Rafe Spall) waking up as new parents to two children they are still getting to know. All they have to do is keep them, which turns out to be more difficult than they initially thought. Thrown directly into the deep parenting pool, Nikki and Jason’s relationships with each other and their loved ones are tested as they desperately try to navigate the ups and downs of parenthood — all while clinging to their children and their mental health.

The first episode of Season 3 is available today. There will then be a new episode every week until September 9th.

one step at a time

For its part, based on the book Just Don’t Fall from Paralympic athlete, author, motivational speaker and comedian Josh Sundquist, the series one step at a time follows 12-year-old Josh Dubin as he transitions from homeschooling to public school, eager to experience all that college has to offer. But along the way, Josh faces new challenges, including getting an entire school of kids to see past his prosthetic and get to know him for what he is. With the support of his parents and the help of his best friends Kyle and Gabriella, Josh learns, laughs and grows, eager to come back every day for more.

There are 10 episodes in total and all of them are available today.

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