Apple TV +: the complaint for plagiarism against the series “Servant” will go well until a lawsuit

The Servant series is one of the most popular series on Apple TV+, it allowed the streaming service to acquire a ton of subscribers who carefully followed the episodes one after the other. In our minds, Servant belongs to Apple TV+ and happens to be original content straight from the imagination of M. Night Shyamalan and Tony Basgallop, however according to a complaint Servant is actually plagiarism!

The case will go to trial

The name Francesca Gregorini may not mean anything to you, but this producer, director and screenwriter of American and Italian origin is behind many popular films and series, we think for example of The Dropout, Killing Eve or Chambers. This woman who has gigantic talent recognized at Hollywood recently complained to the courts about the Servant series on Apple TV+.

According to his remarks in a complaint that was filed two years ago, the teams of Apple TV+, Tony Basgallop and M. Night Shyamalan painstakingly copied the story of his film “The Truth About Emmanuel” which was released on DVD in 2011.
For Gregorini, there are many troubling points in the Servant series, we see scenes and moments keys from the script where it’s obvious that the team behind the series took inspiration from the movie.

This case almost never saw the light of day, as Apple’s lawyers had succeeded in 2020 in ensuring that the complaint did not go to trial, but Francesca Gregorini managed to turn the situation to her advantage by doing call to the judge’s decision.

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Lawyers for Apple, Tony Basgallop and M. Night Shyamalan immediately counter attack asking a federal judge for some form of narrowing of the scope of the original complaint, the claim was denied by the federal judge.

We note that the team of lawyers for Apple and the two producers has a certain apprehension to the idea that this case goes further in the face of justice. This will to want to choke this complaint has been pointed out several times since 2020, Apple has done everything to ensure that the lawsuit does not see the light of day, but unfortunately for the Californian giant, it is a failure.

The trial will take place in the coming months with the presence of a jury which will have to position itself in favor of Apple or the plaintiff Francesca Gregorini.
It is an extremely rare in Hollywood, because this type of litigation is already not frequent, but when it happens, it is not frequent that the case goes to trial, financial agreements are always found at the last minute.

As for the Servant series, the continuous production. While the third season has been available on Apple TV+ for quite a while, the fourth season is currently filming in the usual locations of seasons 1, 2 and 3.
For now, Apple does not want to discontinue its series, a logical decision, because it could prove Gregorini right that there really is a problem around Servant.

The comparison

When you look closely at the film and the Apple series, the scenario is not exactly the same. However, there are a large number of similarities.
We let you make your own opinion with the synopses and trailers.

  • Synopsis of the film “The Truth About Emmanuel” : Obsessed by the resemblance between her new neighbor and her deceased mother, a disturbed young girl agrees to babysit for the very realistic doll of this woman next door who has recently lost her daughter.
  • Synopsis of the series “Servant” :
    After losing her child, Dorothy Turner uses a doll for therapeutic purposes. The situation takes a strange turn when she hires a nanny to take care of the baby. Worried about the mental health of his wife, Sean does not see the arrival of this foreigner with a very good eye. Especially since the girl’s behavior quickly turns out to be disturbing. Could the nanny become a threat? And would the Turners have things to hide?

VOSTFR trailer of “The Truth about Emmanuel”

Trailer VF of “Servant”

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