Apple TV+: here is the trailer for the Shantaram series with Charlie Hunnam

This is content that has been in the works for almost 4 years, the original Apple series “Shantaram” has faced a huge backlog that has accumulated due to the pandemic which forced the series to completely change countries to his shooting. Fortunately, Shantaram will finally see the light of day on October 14. Apple has even concocted a trailer for us to see the first images of the episodes to come!

The trailer is revealed

With an all-star cast including Charlie Hunnam (Triple border)Shubham Saraf (Bodyguard)Elektra Kilbey (Staying)Fayssal Bazzi, Luke Pasqualino (6 Days) or Antonia Desplat (Final Operation)the Shantaram series is announced exciting plus a very high budget when compared to other original creations already available on Apple TV+.

Shantaram will tell the story of a man who escapes from a high security prison in Australia and who is going to make a long journey to take refuge in India. The prisoner hopes that everyone will forget him and that he can start a new life away from all the problems he has faced.

However, not everything is going to go as planned, the man who is going to introduce himself as a doctor will start working in a slum, but very quickly he will fall back into delinquency and crime, at that moment he will make the decision to join the bombay mafia.

shantaram apple tv

Shantaram is a series created by Steve Lightfoota talented screenwriter and producer who has participated in nuggets such as the series Marvel’s The Punisher, Narcos, Hannibal and My friend Adele. Alongside Lightfoot, we will find the presence of several producers: Eric Warren Singer (Top Gun: Maverick)David Manson (House of Cards)Steve Golin (True Detective)​​​​​​​, Dave Erickson (Fear The Walking Dead)Justin Kurzel (Assassin’s Creed) or even Bharat Nalluri (Little America).

As you will have understood, the Shantaram series is surrounded by a crazy cast, whether on screen or in the production team. Apple puts every chance on his side by attracting popular names who have an impressive career and who are recognized worldwide thanks to films released in theaters or on competing streaming platforms.

Shantaram will debut on Apple TV+ from Friday 14 Octoberas usual, Apple will publish the first 3 episodes and then continue with 1 episode per week!


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