Apple to donate for lack of running water in Jackson, Mississippi

The city of Jackson in Mississippi in the United States is currently experiencing a shortage of running water. About 150,000 people are affected. Flooding has disrupted the operation of an essential and already aging water treatment plant.

This city in the southern United States, where the poverty rate is high, has been experiencing a major water crisis for years. Since the beginning of the week, she has been in an emergency situation. Floods have disrupted the operation of a water treatment plant essential for the city. By opening the tap, the inhabitants sometimes only see a few drops flowing out, or brown water. They are forced to queue to collect bottles of water. What remains of running water should not be drunk, authorities have warned. “In the shower, make sure your mouth isn’t open because, again, you shouldn’t swallow that water”thus warned Jim Craig, of the health authorities of Mississippi.

Following this situation, Tim Cook announcement that Apple will make a donation to help local teams. Here is what the Apple boss said on Twitter:

We are thinking of the residents of Jackson, Mississippi, who are struggling this summer to obtain the most essential good: drinking water. Apple is donating to relief on the ground aimed at immediately distributing food and water.

Recently, Tim Cook announced another donation, namely for Pakistan following the major floods there.

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