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Apple suppliers reportedly ramp up production of next-gen MacBook Pros

There have been conflicting reports on whether Apple will announce new MacBook Pro models at an event in October alongside new iPads. A new report released today backs this up, saying Apple vendors are preparing to ship upgraded versions.

In effect, Apple’s suppliers for the next line of MacBook Pros are said to be preparing shipments of said products. To achieve this goal, they have to compromise by slowing down the delivery of current MacBook models.

According to sources familiar with the matter, the same thing happened when the AirPods Pro 2 launched. new line of MacBook Pros. The product should be available in two variants: the 14-inch and the 16-inch model.

Also, next-generation laptops are expected to be equipped with two powerful chips known as M2 Pro and M2 Max. Apple has not yet shared any information about these processors. According to Mark Gurman, a Bloomberg reporter, the iPhone maker is potentially preparing for next month’s event.

The editor said the company will showcase the new iPads and Macs at this occasion. He believes that Apple intends to make improvements to these products in the future. More importantly, its potential launch could happen this fall, Gurman added.

Apple will experience a drop in shipments

According to the Taiwanese news site DigiTimes, Apple will experience a slight drop in delivery rate this year. The publication’s research team noted that the year-on-year decline would be just 1.4% — nevertheless, it remains the only company not to be hit hard by the slowdown in global PC orders. Of the 6 PC brands that have dominated the market so far, Acer reportedly saw the largest year-over-year decline at 33.2%, followed by HP at 22.6% and Dell at 18%.

The sources pointed out that Apple is currently the only PC brand that continues to attract orders, while the others are seeing a drop in shipment volumes compared to 2021. At present, manufacturers believe that the recovery will not will take place only after the second quarter of 2022.

Apple supplier Quanta Computer posted record revenues in July and August. Sources noted that some of Quanta’s momentum in July was the result of deferred orders following the Shanghai lockdown in the second quarter, while August benefited from the new MacBook Pro. For the remainder of the year, Mac sales are expected to remain nearly flat, with demand for new models offsetting the overall market decline. But relative to the market as a whole, that would be good news.

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