Apple Store: will you take back a small dose of advertisements?

If ads were already present in small doses in the App Store, Apple wants to develop more and disseminate them throughout the application. What will not delight its users.

It will be hard to escape the ads when looking for your new favorite app. While the Apple brand emphasizes the protection of its users’ data, it knows very well how to use its large audience to its advantage. If, for the moment, the only advertisements are in the “Search” tab of the App Store, in the future the advertisements will multiply everywhere in the platform.

Apple plans to place new ads in the “Today” tab, which is sort of the home page of the App Store. This tab shows the latest news, as well as the most downloaded apps and suggestions based on those already acquired. In the midst of this plethora of applications, software will thus be put forward. It is the developers, or the publishers, who will pay to benefit from this highlighting, regardless of the quality of the application. Advertisements will also be present in the middle of the articles written by the editorial teams to praise an application or a selection of software classified according to a specific theme.

Finally, the advertisements will also appear within the application sheets themselves. As you scroll through the content, at the bottom of the page, a “You Might Also Like” category will list recommendations, topped with an advertisement paid for by the software publisher. If the ads will spread all over the App Store, they will nevertheless remain recognizable thanks to their blue background.

Advertising, your content continues below

Advertising, your content continues below

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