Apple Silicon: can the Mac (re)become a gaming machine?

Pomme d’avis is the section in which the editorial staff of MacGeneration shares its point of view on Apple news. Today, Christophe returns to the new chance given to the return of the game to Apple computers.

There are some at MacGeneration a certain disdain when it comes to games on Mac. I want to make it clear that this is a minority. Sometimes this form of condescension can turn into a taste for provocation. Imagine a newcomer to the editorial staff who, two days after signing his CDI, has it delivered to the spare parts office to assemble his Gamer PC…

At first glance, we will put all this on the back of age. After all, this generation didn’t experience the great hours of video gaming on the Apple II, never exhausted its keyboard and mouse with DarkCastle Where Shufflepuck and think that Halo is a genuine Microsoft creation. What more can be said ?


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