Apple security breach: is your device one of those potentially affected?

Due to a security breach of which it was the victim, the Apple company recommended, this Friday, August 19, to the owners of certain models of iPhone, iPad and Mac to update their operating software.

Fans of Apple products, this is news you would have done without. The American company recommended, this Friday August 19, to the owners of certain models of iPhone, iPad and Mac to update the operating software due to a security flaw, reported, according to the firm, by anonymous researchers.

Unfortunately, this allows some to take control of your devices, as Franceinfo reports. Indeed, according to the brand with the icon in the shape of an apple, the old version of the operating software, has “an application” that can “use arbitrary code” with access to the device. In other words, a hacker can execute actions without your permission. “This possibility could have been actively exploited” by hackers, says Apple, taken up by our colleagues.

This security flaw can also be exploited via “maliciously designed internet content”, adds the group from Cupertino (California), taken over by Franceinfo.

Which models are affected?

All the iPhone 6 and laterall the iPad Prothem Fifth generation iPad and lateras well as Mac would be targeted, reports L’Express.

How to protect yourself?

The solutions against these vulnerabilities are as follows: download the version 15.6.1 iOS operating software for iPhones, its counterpart iPadOS 15.6.1 for iPad and macOS Monterey 12.5.1 for Mac computers, according to Apple.

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