Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi… take advantage of the best offers!

Amazon Prime Days are a great opportunity to equip yourself with telephony and why not change your phone.

With all the brands available on Amazon in terms of smartphones, it is difficult to make an informed choice. Between Xiaomi, Samsung, Apple and others, it is often very complicated to find your way around and know how to decide. Prime Day promotions on Amazon will be an important criterion during the event, you can let your budget guide you by heading for the phone model that has the most attractive price on the platform.

But if you have a favorite brand, for example if you swear by iPhones or Galaxy phones, now is also the perfect time to buy one of the phones from the brand you care about without leaving all of it behind. your savings but taking advantage of lower prices. Offers will be plentiful on Amazon from July 12 for two days, especially on smartphones, so all you have to do is make up your own mind.

Amazon Prime Day: what are the best brands highlighted?

The brands of phones offered on Amazon at bargain prices are numerous, especially during Prime Day. You can find Apple or Xiaomi smartphones that are well promoted but also displayed at really attractive prices for the consumer. Samsung also takes advantage of Amazon discounts and it is possible to find great offers although the prices applied are slightly less attractive. During the event, do not hesitate to look a little further because you will also find reduced prices on smartphones from Huawei or OnePlus. There is therefore no best brand, strictly speaking, but rather a set of product lines and technologies at different prices. It all depends on what you are looking for in your new smartphone because some brands will meet your expectations more than others depending on your criteria. If you want to shoot captivating videos, choose the latest Apple, if you want a low price, consider Xiaomi and if you want a versatile and powerful phone, choose Samsung. All of these brands have their strong points and you can do some research beforehand to choose the most interesting phone for you on Prime Day, as models from other brands are also available at discounted prices on Amazon.

Prime Day: Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi… what is the best value for money?

If you are looking for the best quality / price ratio for the purchase of your smartphone, you can turn to Apple or Samsung, which offer well-known smartphones on Amazon at attractive prices. However, they are not the only ones and Xiaomi or Huawei are not left out with great promotions to be grabbed on Amazon during Prime Days. Also, don’t forget the OnePlus phones that have good performance for a very good price / quality ratio. And if that’s not enough, you can look to other brands like LG or Sony to make your choice. Indeed, Amazon cuts the prices of its products during Prime Days and you could come across a new and unexpected promotion. All you have to do is browse the Amazon site on July 12 and 13 to find the best mobile phone deals. You can consider a number of criteria to help you. The price according to your budget, the battery life if you move often, the storage space if you take a lot of videos and photos, the quality of the sensors with parameters like megapixels or the aperture of the lens if you like to photograph everything you see. In addition, you may be interested in the connection, see if it is compatible or not with 5G, Wifi 6 or LTE which guarantee tenfold speeds, this is an important criterion for watching movies in streaming. or play online games. Analyze your usage pattern and compare the features of some smartphones at the attractive price on Amazon and you will quickly find the one you need.

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