Apple reveals a security flaw on certain models of iPhone, iPad and Mac

Do you have an iPhone, an iPad or a Mac? So quickly update your operating software. The latter would present a security breach » which would cause a loss of control of all devices “. Thus, without giving too much information, the American giant Apple invited all users of iPhone 6 and later models ” all iPad Pro, fifth generation and later iPads, and Macs but also to be careful. Indeed, because of this lack of security, a hacker could have access to your personal information and thus ” perform actions without authorization “. In addition, Apple informs that this could already be the case and that this flaw can also be exploited ” through maliciously crafted internet content “, according to information from the Cupertino group, reported by TF1 Info.

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Apple invites its users to download new versions of software now

To avoid any risks, users are advised to download the IOS operating software version 15.6.1 for iPhones, iPadOS 15.6.1 for iPads and macOS Monterey 12.5.1 for Mac computers. ” The flaws were reported, according to Apple, by anonymous researchers “, according to Francetv Info. For the company, ” privacy is a fundamental right and an essential value. In April 2021, the American company had already ” shaken up the iPhone ecosystem “. She had, in fact, obliged applications to ask the user if he agrees to the collection of data on his use of other apps and on the internet (see TF1 Info). While this action provided additional security for users, it deprived some applications of valuable tools. very dependent on advertising, in particular Facebook or Snapchat, which have lost advertising revenue as a result “. Regarding this security breach, no other information has yet been disclosed.

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