Apple renews the series For All Mankind for a season 4

Apple announced last night that it has renewed Apple TV+’s popular space drama “For All Mankind” for a fourth season. Introduced when the service launched in November 2019, “For All Mankind” is one of Apple TV+’s longest-running series. And also one of the most popular.

A fourth season for For All Mankind

“For All Mankind” imagines what the world could be like if the race to conquer space had never ended and if the space program had remained a priority in the United States. The first season saw a Russian cosmonaut arrive first on the moon, which undermined NASA morale and caused the United States to catch up.

for all mankind season 4

The second season jumped forward a decade, picking up in 1983 at the height of the Cold War, with the United States and the USSR squabbling over the resources available on the moon. The third season introduced another time jump, to the early 1990s, as the United States and the Soviet Union race to reach Mars. It’s not yet known what will happen in the fourth season, but filming is expected to begin next month.

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