Apple relies on an archaic way to activate some iPhone 14s

Expected from September 16, the first iPhone 14 and 14 Pro delivered may suffer, in some cases, from laborious activation. The users concerned are then forced to go through iTunes to configure their new device.

The new iPhone 14 and 14 Pro, received as soon as they are launched, can in some cases cause problems with activation // Source: Apple

Did you pre-order an iPhone 14 or 14 Pro? You will logically receive it from September 16, but the use of certain Wi-Fi networks could confront you with a capricious activation of your new companion. This is what we learn from XDA Developers, which reports that some devices may be affected on launch day by an issue initializing the activation process. And as bad news never comes alone, the solution proposed by Apple involves going through iTunes… and its user experience from another age.

According to MacRumorsApple circulated a memo to its teams stating “ a known issue in iOS 16 may impact device activation on open Wi-Fi networks“. This bug causes a failure of the initial configuration process on the iPhone 14, continues the firm, which explains to seek the origin. For the moment, no fix has been formalized immediately and Apple would have asked its staff not to create a ticket for this problem.

iTunes is back in service for lack of anything better…

Impacted users must therefore settle for a convoluted method to configure their new iPhone. If you are confronted with this bug, Apple explains that you must “connect to a Mac or PC with iTunes“. When prompted, you will then need to connect to a Wi-Fi network during the initial setup, then return to the previous screen to attempt activation again using Wi-Fi. Multiple attempts may necessary to allow this curious process to succeed, specifiesXDA Developers.

Note, however, that iOS 16.0.1 is currently being deployed. The release notes for this first patch of iOS 16 mention in particular the correction of an activation and migration problem when configuring the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro. It remains to be seen whether this is indeed a fix corresponding to the problem reported by XDA, we should have the heart of it in the next few hours.

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