Apple releases beta 6 of macOS 13 Ventura

Expected for September or October (at the latest), the macOS Ventura update will bring a host of new features for Mac owners. Until then, Apple must polish the last details and especially eliminate the bugs which are still present in the beta of macOS Ventura. In order to improve its future update as quickly as possible, Apple is moving forward with its beta program with the valuable help of developers.

The 6th beta of macOS Ventura is available for download

Good news for developers, they can download a more in-depth beta of macOS Ventura tonight, they will probably find new features that have been slow to arrive and undoubtedly better stability.

For those who haven’t necessarily followed all the announcements, macOS Ventura still brings 160 noveltiesit’s been one of the most important updates on Mac for quite a while.

From the first beta, Apple added the already essential features like Stage Manager, easy object clipping, new system settings, iPhone webcam and more, the sequel just improved the experience. .
The betas that followed during the months of July and August added major new features such as the certification of senders in the emails you receive in the “Mail” app, support for the iCloud shared photo library…

macos 13 ventura beta

Here are the new features we discovered in macOS 13 Ventura beta 6:

  • Article in progress…

How to install macOS 13 Ventura?

Again, to download and install the new beta firmware, developers can go to their Mac at:

  • “Apple” menu (top left of the screen)
  • System Preferences
  • Software update

To do this, you must first have installed the provisioning profile on the Apple Dev Center. You can also now sign up for Apple’s public beta program.

What do you think is the best new feature of macOS 13?

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