Apple reacts to iOS 16 pop-up when you copy and paste into an app

This is one of the recent measures taken by Apple to protect the privacy of its users. Since iOS 16, a pop-up automatically opens in the center of the screen when the application where you are wishes to access your clipboard which contains your last copy. This new process makes it possible to put a “stop” to applications that are a little too curious and that would see your clipboard without your authorization. This feature based on benevolence is far from pleasing everyone!

Apple finally reacts to this novelty

The new pop-up that forces apps to claim the permission before accessing the clipboard (which may contain sensitive information) was included in iOS 16 to provide better privacy management. However, as people install iOS 16, the question has become annoying since she asks in a way repetitive user permission whenever they want to paste something into an app.

Faced with the blatant anger of iOS 16 users on social networks and forums, an Apple customer has sent an email to Tim Cook and Craig Federighi who directly added the engineer Ron Huang in the thread (a senior executive at Apple) to answer this question.

ios 16 clipboard permission

According to Huang, this is basically an error, it is not the behavior that Apple developers who have been actively working on iOS 16 were looking for. It is likely that the team is there. thought, did several experiments and then forgot to remove the pop-up before the launch of iOS 16.
The executive went on to explain that the next versions of iOS will adjust this and make this pop-up that has become unpleasant over time appear as little as possible.

Huang says that Apple internally saw a possibility of giving users the possibility (via settings) to determine which applications are always allowed to access the clipboard and which are not. not allowed without asking.
This approach has existed for a long time in the settings, since a user can accept or refuse that an application accesses his geolocation, his microphone, his rear or front camera… Management by the user is almost 100% possible !

Apple may soon release an update to iOS 16 that will correct a number of issues that have been present since the new version. We think of the repetitive requests for access to the clipboard, but also a solution for the iPhone 14 Pro models which no longer respond after the transfer of data from an old generation iPhone.

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