Apple quietly giving up its place on Didi’s board

Apple had invested a billion dollars in 2016 in Didi, the Chinese leader in VTC and carpooling and as such, the local equivalent of Uber. Six years later, the Cupertino firm quietly abandons its partner, as reported Bloomberg noting that Adrian Perica has resigned from his position on Didi’s board of directors. He had obtained it in the wake of this investment, in October 2016.

When Tim Cook was riding in a car managed by Didi, with Liu Qing, its president.

At the time, the Californian company seemed to be spinning great love with its new Chinese partner, Tim Cook was even driven by a vehicle managed by Didi as part of a communication operation. A very different atmosphere in 2021, when Apple is forced by the Chinese government to remove Didi’s app from its App Store. The Chinese company paid a heavy fine and there was talk last month of a return to the store, but that does not mean that its partnership with the apple remains valid.

The resignation of Apple’s vice president in charge of acquisitions, announced in a one-line statement on Didi’s website, is the clearest sign of the end of his good relationship with Apple. Didi had also given up last May to enter the financial markets of New York, which was the cause of the sanctions imposed by his government. We do not know exactly if it is Apple or China which is at the origin of this rupture between the two companies.


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