Apple now warns Dark Sky for iOS users of upcoming shutdown

Apple is moving forward with plans to shut down the Dark Sky weather app at the end of this year. If you open the Dark Sky app today, you’ll see a new pop-up message telling you that “Dark Sky app support” will end on January 1, 2022. This comes one day after the launch of iOS 16 with more changes to the built-in Weather app…

Apple previously planned to begin shutting down the Dark Sky app, website, and API at the end of 2021. This change was delayed until late 2022 as Apple continued to make upgrades to the integrated Weather application as well as to launch the new API WeatherKit. Apple originally acquired Dark Sky in March 2020 and used the technology to make a number of upgrades to its built-in weather app.

Now that WeatherKit is available to developers and iOS 16 is available to everyone, Apple is officially notifying users of its intention to shut down Dark Sky. Those hoping for another delay are unfortunately out of luck.

A new message started appearing in the Dark Sky app today:

Support for the Dark Sky app will end on January 1, 2023. Dark Sky forecast technology is now enhanced and integrated into the updated Apple Weather app.

Tapping the “More Info” button in the message takes you directly to the App Store listing for the Apple Weather app. Yesterday’s release of iOS 16 included new features for the Weather app:

  • Severe Weather Notifications: Receive a notification when a severe weather alert is issued near you.
  • More weather details: Tap any module in the Weather app to view a new, more in-depth set of data, such as hourly temperature and rainfall over the next 10 days.

Apple also offers its own WeatherKit API to developers, allowing third-party apps to access hyperlocal weather data and focusing on protecting user data and privacy. Prices for using WeatherKit are also much cheaper than other weather APIs, including Dark Sky. You can learn more about the new WeatherKit API here.

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