Apple now protects iPhones against loss or theft

Apple now protects iPhones against loss or theft

The AppleCare + insurance formula has a new level of protection: in addition to the broken screen or a battery problem, theft and loss are now covered.

Less frequent concerns but often more annoying for the consumer. Apple has enhanced its insurance offering for iPhones, providing access to hardware warranty, software assurance and a centralized support platform. Indeed, while the previous formula primarily covered technical problems, a new offer now covers the theft or loss of the phone.

It takes between €7.49 and €14.49/month depending on the model, but it will indeed allow you to have your phone replaced in this case. The insurance only covers one such event per year and a deductible of €129 will have to be paid. The formula will be renewed automatically each year, until termination, within the limit of 5 years maximum from the date of subscription.

The other formula is always offered.

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