Apple: no more China, the new iPhone will be made in India

Perhaps you were planning to offer yourself the brand new iPhone at the start of the school year, the 14th from the brand? It may well be that this time, on the box and the components of the phone, you will no longer find the mention “Made in China” but rather “Made in India”, detail Les Echos. The reason ? Apple has announced that it wants to turn away from the Chinese market in order to diversify its production sites. In a press release published on August 23, the apple firm explains that it wants to “mitigate geopolitical risks on the efficiency of supply by creating production sites outside of China”.

The reasons for this departure are twofold. First financial for Apple which, according to RFI, lost eight billion euros due to health restrictions linked to the Covid-19 pandemic. At the same time, the geopolitical and diplomatic situation between the two global giants is far from looking good, especially after Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan in July. China even made shock statements saying it was “determined and ready to fight” the United States, while leaving the doubt of an armed conflict. As franceinfo recalls, recently, Apple even had to ask subcontractors established in Taiwan to label their parts “Made in China” before sending them to the country. Far from pleasing in Taiwan.


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Other big winner countries?

Blessed bread for India, the major daily Times of India explaining that the country was technologically behind China. Because at the same time, Apple wants to continue to trust Foxconn, its Taiwanese supplier. The latter would have evaluated the possibility of assembling the iPhone 14 in India on the Chennai site and the first phones could be operational between the end of October and next November. According to Les Echos, the American firm’s interest in India is not new. iPhones are already assembled in the country, but not the new models.

Since 2007, Apple has had these phones manufactured primarily for the Indian domestic market. But India shouldn’t be the only country to benefit from the Apple brand’s shift in strategy. According to our colleagues, Mexico, Brazil or even Vietnam could be called upon to assemble iPad tablets, iWatch watches or even MacBook computers. In Vietnam, Apple has already been producing Airpods for three years.


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