Apple Music on Android: version 4.0 with iOS 16 features is in beta

To win against giants like Spotify, Amazon Music and YouTube Music, Apple has no choice but to offer its streaming service beyond its ecosystem in order to reach new users. The Apple Music application on Android is not the best rated, however the app manages to convince with its features and its catalog! Owners of Android smartphones who trust Apple for their music streaming service will soon be able to take advantage of the new features of iOS 16.

Apple Music version 4.0 on Android is in beta phase

With the arrival of iOS 16, Apple Music will bring some changes in its interface for iPhone and iPad owners. To avoid excluding Apple Music subscribers on Android, the Cupertino company is preparing a New version of the application, it has been in beta since the beginning of the week and will be available soon (probably at the same time as the launch of iOS 16 next month).

What improvements will appear in the Apple Music app on Android?
For the moment, we find 3 edits presented as soon as the app is opened:

  • Improved recommendations : Apple Music will now offer artist, song and playlist recommendations that are more relevant to what you like. Recommendation errors should become extremely rare!
  • Added artist music notifications : do you greatly appreciate an artist? On the page of this one, you will have a small star at the top right of the screen, you just have to press it to get all the latest news (new single, album…)
  • Favorites in “Listen” : In the first tab at the bottom of your screen, you will now have quick access to the artists you have previously listened to. The history should be available for several days!

apple music on android version 4

Among the other novelties, we note a long-awaited change in the playlists… The music can now be reorganized in a variety of ways, including by title, artist, album, and release date.

To conclude, version 4.0 of Apple Music on Android also contains a mention “Apple Classical”, a feature that will allow classical music fans to find everything they dream of in one place. This novelty is related to the acquisition of Primephonicjust over a year ago.

Android users can expect a few weeks of beta before the official release on the Play Store, in reality everything will depend on the progress of the beta. According to 9to5Google which revealed the appearance of this new version, Apple Music 4.0 does not target Android 13 yet.

On the side of the Apple ecosystem, we too will benefit from all these new features in Apple Music on iOS 16 and iPadOS 16, you will also have to be patient to sort your playlists as you want!

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