Apple Music: a pair of Beats Flex offered for American and British students

Apple Music is today the second streaming service in the world, however there is still an opponent to defeat, it is the Swedish giant: Spotify. The Cupertino company is aware that subscription streaming services are mainly successful among teenagers, which is why the company is going all out to attract them!

A pair of Beats Flex offered in exchange for a subscription of at least one month

This is an exceptional and rarely seen offer, Apple offers students residing in United States and at UK a pair of Beats Flex earphones for any purchase of an Apple Music Student subscription (the cheapest plan!).
However, as you might expect, Apple has set some conditions and they are not binding at all.

Apple specifies that the promotional offer cannot be associated with another and that it is not available for those who already have an active subscription to Apple Music. Students will be able to order Beats Flex headphones for free after paying for the first month’s subscription, but they won’t be eligible during the one-month trial period.

Apple said customers who end the trial before paying for the first month are also not eligible. After 30 days, Apple will provide eligible students with instructions via email to claim free Beats Flex headphones. Depending on availability, users will be able to choose the color of the product, hopefully it’s not just blue or yellow…

beats flex

In the US, Apple Music costs $9.99 per month for a standard subscription, but students can get a discount through the UNiDAYS program. Apple Music student plans have gone from $4.99 per month to $5.99 last month (also in France).

Another highlight of the offer, students taking advantage of the Apple Music student subscription receive a subscription free to Apple TV+ in addition to savings, although Apple warns that this promotion is short-lived. The Cupertino company knows how to be generous, but that has its limits!

The advantages of the Beats Flex are numerous, we find the W1 chip for quick association with all Apple products, they have 12 hours of battery life, ultra-fast charging with 1.5 hours of listening time for 10 minutes of charging, 4 tip sizes which are included in the packaging and ‘USB-C for the charging case.

We could say… “Apple is offering earphones for almost €70 in exchange for paying for a month’s subscription to Apple Music at the student rate, but it’s not profitable!”
In fact, it is not. However, Apple regularly spends large budgets on Apple Music to attract new subscribers : longer trial period, advertisements on the internet… Giving away Beats Flex is just one campaign among many others. The priority objective remains to introduce Apple Music to students who have long been accustomed to services such as Spotify, Amazon Music, Tidal, YouTube Music…

Thanks to this offer, students will be encouraged to subscribewill pick up their Beats Flex pair and will likely stick around when they discover all the benefits Apple Music provides over many competitors.

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