Apple mocked by its competitor Samsung before the release of the iPhone 14!

Between Apple and Samsung, the battle is raging… and the latest ad for the Galaxy S22 Ultra risks adding fuel to the fire!

Samsung makes fun of the iPhone 14! Whereas the presentation of the new smartphone should arrive very soon, the Korean brand will take the opposite course… And uses Apple to promote its Galaxy S22 Ultra. MCETV explains everything about it!

The irony to the end

Because Samsung likes to make fun of its competitor. Even if it doesn’t always work for him. We thus remember the pub put in place by the Korean giant when the apple brand had the idea of ​​removing the chargers from the sales boxes.

And if, in France, having a cable with a telephone is a legal requirement, other countries are no longer entitled to a charger. Except that, when Samsung decided to make fun of Apple, there should have been some backfire.

Indeed, the Korean brand ended up succumbing to this desire not to give a new charger when selling a phone. Results, we had to remove the ad and play low profile…until everyone forgets about this little failure in his communication.

But there is no question of stopping the fight. Thus, Apple and iPhone fans are waiting for the presentation of the 14 range. Knowing that there will be a huge difference between the “normal” version and the Pro version.

Different chips should indeed give very different capacities between these two ranges. What makes the presentation, expected this September 7, at least enigmatic. If not perhaps disappointing for fans of the classic range.

Apple: Samsung’s tackle

Faced with an iPhone that should still look a lot like its predecessor, Samsung is having fun. In an ad broadcast in the USA, the brand balances as well as the highest definition of a smartphone will be in someone else’s pocket. »

And for good reason, the sensor of the Apple smartphone should only have 48 Megapixels. On his side, the Samsung S22 Ultra displays a 108 Mpx sensor. This allows the brand to boast of its photo quality against its opponent.

This incredible photo of the Moon that gets all the Likes will not be yours”, mocks the telephony giant. Similarly, the brand seems very proud to display its Galaxy Z Flip 4. Before swinging a new table without restraint.

“Fasten your seatbelt for Apple’s latest launch. You enter a world where heads will turn, but not in your direction“, thus begins the pub… Before making the final comparison between the two competitors.

This innovation is not ready to arrive on an iPhonand near you. But she is out there in the galaxy. » A ruthless ad, therefore, which seeks to balance the jewels of the phones of the two brands in competition.

While, each year, Apple’s Keynote coincides with a boom in the second-hand market, Samsung is trying to counter this phenomenon. Indeed, some resell their old iPhone to buy the newest one…unless they go for the Galaxy S22 Ultra?

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