Apple: Macbooks are now even more protected than before!

News hardware Apple: Macbooks are now even more protected than before!

If there’s one thing Macbook owners can brag about, it’s the protection on their computers. And obviously, Apple wants to add a layer to better protect your Macbooks.

An even stronger antivirus on Macbooks!

With cyberattacks on the rise, large corporations are neck and neck with hacker groups. Indeed, if it looks like a race, you should know that large groups, including Apple, take advantage of real cybersecurity professionals.

Apple therefore wants to walk on Windows’s toes with their Microsoft Defender software and offer an even more reliable free antivirus solution on Macbooks.

It is under the sweet name of “XProtect Remediator” that Apple has created a suite of modules to detect different types of malware. The purpose of this application is obviously to scan and eliminate all threats. MacOS already had protection, Xprotect, for software integrity, and MRT, for detecting threats.

Of course, you should know that it is much more difficult to catch malware or any other type of virus on a Macbook. Why that ? Not because the protection is “better” than Windows, but just because the computer park is much more Windows than Mac. Hackers have every interest in creating programs to hack Windows computers if they want to reach more people.

Nevertheless, it is still possible to catch a virus on Mac, in particular by downloading software. If you are the type to download anything and everything without checking the reliability of the site, it is possible that malicious code has slipped inside a file.

By offering an overlay of protection, Apple wants to ensure that users take fewer risks, especially for people who use their Macbooks without necessarily knowing about it. Malware is often very stealthy, and if you don’t have a computer background, a virus can be lurking on your Macbook without you realizing it.

Discreet deployment!

Oddly, Apple has made no official announcement for the deployment of this antivirus solution. And for good reason, the protection modules were spotted by computer scientist Howard Oakley, who announced that the launch of this antivirus program began a long time ago on Macbooks.

Indeed, for 6 months, Apple has been gradually deploying protection programs with the latest updates. And for once, Apple does not go hand in hand since the software has undergone many more changes in 6 months than during the last 7 years.

MacOS Monterey, the latest version of the operating system on Mac is going to be even more secure than before. The goal here is to run regular scans in the background to detect threats. In addition to these recurring scans, the antivirus software will scan the applications that you install on your computer.

No official announcement seems to have been made, but what is certain is that Apple takes the security of their products very seriously.

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